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May 26 2013

The Feels

I’m feelin’ it. I’m in the process of moving a thousand miles away from anything I’ve ever known, and I’m really feelin’ it.
So this would be the part where I say how unafraid I am, I guess. Or how ready I feel to walk into my classroom. I have a degree in education, so this will be a piece of cake for me, right? It’s a guaranteed home run! You’re welcome, Teach for America, for being the wunderkind that I am.
Except nobody believes that, least of all me. The truth is I’m panicked. I have no illusions about what I’m walking into. I can’t just play Stand and Deliver for my kids and go, “TA-DAAAAA! Take that, achievement gap!” I’m going to put my blood, sweat, and tears – I can only hope not literally – into giving these kids opportunities that they would otherwise be denied. I’ve read so many stories…

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